Section III (sec-tion three) is a record label, clothing line and family centered around community and the culture of real Hip-Hop.  

      Founded by Devan Childs & Anthony Aloia in 2016, Section III was originally meant to be a community collective.  After some very brief trial and error, the duo decided to team up and form what is now the current state of the movement. 


Currently, the label has 3 active members:

Devan Childs - Rapper, producer & engineer.  Born in Buffalo NY, from Salamanca NY.  Devan is known for his extensive and consistent body of work including albums like "Searching For Myself" and "Lone Wolf".  His production list is vast, as most of his work is self-produced either solo or in collaboration with Anthony Aloia.  Devan is also responsible for the mixing and mastering that comes from the Section III camp.  Often praised for his stage presence and live shows, Devan is one of the most well-rounded artists in the underground.

Anthony Aloia - Producer. From Olean NY.  Anthony is known for his role as co-executive producer on most of Devan's releases. He also single handedly produced popular songs like "Never Had" & "Old Me" featuring Ear Drummer's artist Eearz & co-produced songs like "Lockin' In" & "Graveyard".  His credits humbly include Devan Childs, Mark Battles, Eearz, Rexx Life Raj, Elcamino, Lucky Seven and more.

Brand-Nu - Rapper & Engineer. From Huntsville AL. Brand-Nu is the first official signee of section iii. With catchy melodies and hard hitting subject matter, Nu is likely to be a household favorite.